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TREO Features

The TREO storage tree creates a simple, rotating, space-efficient, and high-capacity storage solution for modern living. It is designed to hang from a closet rod or ceiling, allowing for diverse applications. It’s versatility and vertical design offer opportunities for the whole family to create organized spaces.

Lots of handbags for every season and occasion? You don’t have to downsize or sacrifice closet space to store them. Instead, keep up to 50 handbags within easy sight and easy reach. You’ll be able to quickly grab the perfect bag AND your TREO storage tree will free up valuable closet space on shelves and floor.

Need a better way to store shoes? Whether you have ten pairs or fifty pairs… More

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TREO Benefits

  • VISIBILITY – See all of your items. Rotates for easy access.
  • SPACE EFFICIENT – Free up valuable closet shelving and floor space.
  • HIGH CAPACITY – Organize and display up to 50 items.
  • PROTECTION – Store shoes and other easily damaged items in high-quality clear tote bags.
  • FLEXIBILITY – Hang from the ceiling or from a closet rod.
  • VERSATILITY – Use for your handbags, shoes, belts, scarves, hats.
  • CONVENIENT – Enjoy ‘Grab and Go’ access with TREO tote bags.


Anything that hangs on a hook

Many TREO customers use our product to store their handbags — but you can use the hooks for hundreds of other items. The flexibility of the TREO solution gives you unlimited creative freedom!

Anything that stores in a bag

Shoes are the most common item that people store in our tote bags. You don’t have to do the same, though — The bags are also convenient for storing scarves, accessories, and countless other items.

Store it all side-by-side

Store handbags, shoes and accessories on a single storage tree. By going vertical, you can create your own unique organizing experience.
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Find every shoe, protect every handbag, see every accessory.


TREO Storage Tree

Our original tree comes supplied with 50 hooks and closet rod adapter.
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TREO Storage
Tote Bags

Package of 6 clear tote bags
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TREO Storage Combination Tree

Customize our storage tree with the number of tote bags you need to create your own vision.
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TREO Storage Shoe Tree

Our value package for the shoe lover combines our storage tree and 42 clear tote bags.
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Read what our customers are saying about their TREO storage systems.

Pam Goodwin
Best invention ever!
I finally found the perfect way to organize all of my purses when I found and ordered the TREO Storage! Before all my purses were everywhere in my closets or dresser and now I have them all organized in one place. Love how easy it was to put together in a matter of minutes. Thanks TREO for saving me time from looking all over for my purses! Best invention ever!
Maria Minden Telfer
I now can find my shoes- together!
So I am a huge shoe junkie. I love shoes! Unfortunately my closet looked like a mess! I have tried every shoe organizer out there only to be disappointed when my shoes either continually fell out of the slots or the shelves I used took up half of my closet space. When I first heard of TREO I was so excited to try it and see what it was all about. I anxiously waited for my TREO to arrive and I was not disappointed! It was extremely easy to hang. Easy to put together and most importantly ALL of my shoes were able to go into clear bags, organized and hanging! I now can find my shoes- together! The space I saved was amazing and I can easier see and retrieve any pair of shoes. I highly recommend TREO and am a huge fan!

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Whether you have 10 pairs or 50, we’ll keep your shoes organized, accessible and protected.

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